Hi everyone. Thanks for visiting my webpage! Call me E. I'm glad you're here.

I felt like it was time to dust off my Neocities page and give it a new coat of paint. I've graduated college with a degree in linguistics. I also taught myself LaTeX. My next challenge(s) will be to tackle CSS, land a job in this economy and perhaps move out.

In the mean time I'm running summer day-camps and working on a constructed language. Watch this space as I might post it here. Beware, I might add an ejective uvular plosive to it ;)


☦ Orthodox Christian Chant ☦
⇧Big page, be warned!⇧

gorayæn d'nith
Here's some music I like.
Here're some reasons to never use Google Chrome.
Really cool constructed languages! I'm quite partial to DW4I ( XUvjDW4I )

Meditations in the different seasons.

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Can you believe I did all these buttons without using a table?


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