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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Hello hello! This is the third website I have. The first one was at The second one is here at

lmao @ ur face if ur a leftist; ur part of the largest joke ideology in history

This page is probably gonna be rennovated soon(tm), I've been gone a while.

I feel like I agree with BigGulpSupreme on lots of stuff, especially driving the tumblrites off Neocities. Miss me with that gay shit

To learn some HTML, check out this great tutorial by A.N. Lucas here on Neocities!

☦ Orthodox Christian Chant ☦
⇧Big page, be warned!⇧

Here's some music I like.
Here's some resources for Seamonkey, Netscape's heir.
Here's some reasons to never use Google Chrome.


Always remember to end your sentences with a period.

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