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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Hello hello! This is the third website I have. The first one is at The second one is here at

Considering I get only 100 mb of space here at neocities, I'll probably compress the heck out of everything.
I was thinking of uploading Saint Pepsi's Hit Vibes, but it's 67 MB. If I remember to upload it to some service, I'll link it here.

I will purposely keep this page in the style of the early graphical Internet, simply because I want to and don't know enough Perl, JS, or CSS.

I really hope Neocities doesn't become a haven for SJWs like Tumblr did. I'm usually on 8/v/ though, so I guess that makes me a filthy goobergator :^).

To learn some HTML, check out this great tutorial by A.N. Lucas here on Neocities!

☦ Orthodox Christian Chant ☦
Big page, be warned!

Here's some music I like.
Here's some resources for Seamonkey, Netscape's heir.
Here's some reasons to never use Google Chrome.


Always remember to end your sentences with a period.

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